PrintED Accreditation Process


The following timeline is provided as a guideline for completing PrintED accreditation within 12 months.

Upon receipt of the application/fee, GAERF assigns an Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) to serve as a mentor to the instructor. The Evaluation Team Leader contacts the instructor within two weeks of receiving the application to schedule a date for the facility inspection. The facility inspection should take place within one month of receipt of application.

The instructor prepares for the onsite Facility Inspection by completing the Instructor Data Form, gathering required supporting documentation, and having available EMPTY binders: one for Administrative material and one for each potential accreditation area.

The facility inspection launches the PrintED accreditation process. The program must complete the accreditation process one year from date of the facility inspection.

The ETL conducts the onsite facility inspection to evaluate the lab and classroom, provide instruction on how to assemble the Standards Binders, and answer any questions the instructor might have. The ETL provides resources to the instructor to assist in the accreditation process and gives an overview of the testing program.

At this time, the ETL makes recommendations as to the areas of accreditation the instructor should pursue.

Completion Time: 6-10 months

The instructor devotes a specific amount of time each week to locating supporting documentation for the Standards Binders. In turn, the ETL contacts the instructor on a personal basis once each month to check on the instructor’s progress and to provide assistance if the instructor has questions or concerns. The ETL encourages the instructor to contact him/her whenever there is a problem.

Completion Time: 1 month

Approximately, six to ten months after beginning the accreditation process, the instructor and at least two members of the Advisory Committee are required to conduct a self-evaluation of the program. The Evaluation Team Leader determines when the program is ready for the self-evaluation.

Upon completion of the self-evaluation, the self-evaluation documents and two Standards Binders (Administrative Standards Binder and one 3.2A binder) are sent to the GAERF Consultant for review. The GAERF Consultant determines if the program is ready for a final evaluation or if changes must be made to the Standards Binder(s) before a final evaluation can be scheduled.

When the Standards Binders have been correctly assembled, GAERF is notified and the instructor is provided a multiple-choice test by GAERF. If a passing score is achieved on the PrintED Instructor Test, GAERF informs the ETL. The ETL then confirms a date for the final evaluation.

Final Evaluation: 12 months after completion of the Facility Inspection

The Final Evaluation marks the culmination of the accreditation process. The instructor and the ETL will determine a mutually agreeable date for the evaluation to take place when students are present. GAERF must be notified by the ETL of the upcoming evaluation one month prior to the date of the event in order to send information to both the instructor and the ETL.

An Evaluation Team comprised of industry members will conduct a final evaluation of the program.

The ETL will submit the Final Evaluation documents to GAERF for approval and awarding of five-year accreditation.