PrintED Readiness Checklist

Is my program capable of becoming PrintED accredited? What are some factors that should be in place before I consider applying? Should I make changes to my program before filling out an application? These are some of the questions puzzling instructors as they look ahead to what will be involved in the PrintED accreditation process.

To answer these questions, it is helpful to take a close look at your program, as well as the curriculum and the facility in which you teach. Pertinent questions to ask include:

  1. Do I meet all of the requirements in the instructor portion of the application, and am I able to supply all of the documentation that is requested?
  2. Is there a curriculum in place and does the curriculum provide theory and “hands-on” training?
  3. Is there a method in place to assess student progress and is it regularly updated?
  4. Are safety devices in place and operable?
  5. Are the equipment and tools used in your program of the type and quality found in the graphic communications industry?
  6. Is the current budget sufficient to ensure that both the program and students have sufficient equipment and consumables?
  7. Does the program have an active Advisory Committee that meets at least twice a year?


If you have responded affirmatively to the above questions, your program is ready to begin the PrintED accreditation process. Additional information about the PrintED program, including an online interactive application, is available at