PrintED/SkillsUSA Skill Connect Assessments

PrintED/SkillsUSA Skill Connect Assessments are aligned with PrintED/SkillsUSA competencies and are available in:

  • Advertising and Design
  • Graphic Communications
  • Screen Printing Technology
  • Digital File Preparation/Digital File Output
  • Offset Press Operations/Binding and Finishing

The online assessments test technical skills and knowledge through questions enriched with animations, videos, drawings and photographs. Assessments may be used as pre-assessments or post-assessments. Immediate grading and feedback is provided. Students who receive passing scores on these examinations receive student certifications imprinted with the PrintED, GAERF and SkillsUSA logos.

To purchase assessments visit:

$10 members (PrintED student or SkillsUSA member)
$20 nonmembers


Skill Connect Assessments provide career aspirants with a reliable means to measure their progress in acquiring occupational competencies needed in the early stages of professional development. The assessments were not intended to be used for employment screening or selection and should not be used in this manner. However, the assessments can be beneficial as a developmental tool in an employee’s technical and professional growth.